Life Insurance

Should your income earning capacity or your ability to accumulate assets suffer the setbacks of ill health, accident or premature death, your current and future lifestyle and that of your family, could be significantly different to what you had planned. 


CP Insurance Services provide wealth protection measures that can provide you with the financial security you need if such events occurs. Purchasing appropriate personal insurance coverage is an essential element of your financial well-being. 

Life Insurance
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A term life insurance policy - providing a cash lump sum in the event of death of the life insured. The purpose of life insurance is to provide you with the financial security you may need pay off your mortgage, to pay off any minor debts, to pay for children education and other day to day living expense.


Term life insurance inside the superannuation structure is usually cost effective and the premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. 

Income Protection
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Your most important asset is your ability to earn an income. Income protection insurance provides an income stream to you and your family should you become unable to work in your normal employment due to sickness or injury.


Income protection ensures that should you become ill or unable to work for a nominated period, you can still have up to 75% of your usual salary and continuation of your superannuation contributions.


You can insure for a range of benefit payment periods, as well as a range of features, options and benefits, giving you the choice to select the income protection insurance most suitable to you. 

Business Life Insurances - Keyman, Buy-Sell Arrangements etc..
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Specific coverage's for businesses with more than one owner. Such policies provide coverage for an event that one owner dies or suffers an illness ot injury preventing them from temporarily or permanently working in the business. 


Buy Sell Agreements and Key Person Insurance are vital to protect your business in these situations. 


A Buy Sell Agreement defines the process for the orderly transfer of ownership of the business to the surviving owner(s), following the death or serious injury of one of the owners. A properly funded Buy Sell agreement can be thought of as estate planning for your business.


Key Person insurance may be used either for revenue purposes (to protect against loss of income and profits), or a capital purpose (to provide funds to repay business debt) in the event of the key persons death or disablement.