Personal Insurances

Ensuring you have protected your Personal assets, is just as important as protecting your commercial assets.

However many individuals arrange the most simplest or cheapest policy available. Without receiving any advice or recommendation of

which policy is best suitable. 


New insurer product offerings, has dramatically improved the ability for individuals to obtain competitively priced policies,

whilst also delivering comprehensive coverage. 

House & Contents Insurance
Suburban Family Home

Competitively priced Home and Contents or just Contents policies are available.


Several levels of coverage, offer different levels of coverage:


  • Accidental Damage Cover - provides the highest level of cover available

  • Defined Events Cover - provides full cover cover for perils only. 

  • Defined Events Base Cover - provides limited cover for perils coverage. 


All types of houses , units and apartments of all values can be covered with these policies. Policies can also be provided for investment properties.

Farm Insurance
Green Field

CP Insurance Services can provide coverage for all types of farm operations, including domestic only rural hobby farms. 


Such programs can include the following covers:

  • Domestic homestead

  • Farm buildings

  • Farm equipment

  • Livestock

  • Fencing

  • Farm Liability

Motor Vehicles
Shiny Black Car

Coverage for all types of Motor Vehicles, including imported cars.

Policies include the ability to combine several vehicles into once policy, coverall multiple drivers of each vehicle.  


Cover types include:

  • Full Comprehensive

  • Third Party Fire & Theft 

  • Third Party Only. 

Boat & Pleasure Craft
Motor Yacht

Policies to cover all types of personal water craft, and include:

  • Private and Commercial Boats

  • Runabouts

  • Yachts & Cruisers

  • Houseboats

  • Jet Skis


Coverage can be provided as Full Comprehensive or Third Party Only. 

Travel Insurance

Policies to cover single trips or annual policies to cover multiple trips conducted throughout the year. 


CP Insurance Services, also specialize in arranging coverage for those travelling with a disability or permanent pre-existing conditions.


Cover types include:

  • International Travel Insurance

  • Multi Trip Travel Insurance

  • Essential Travel Insurance

  • Australian Domestic Travel Insurance.