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If you are a small business owner, you want to focus on the day-to-day running operations of your business, its growth and profitability. Insurance may be amongst the last of your priorities. However, the lack of adequate insurance coverage can cause immense financial stress and may jeopardise the existence of your business in the long run.

CP Insurance Services is a leading provider of small business insurance policies at very competitive premiums in Blackburn. Our services are designed to provide you with the best deals on all commercial insurance plans. We provide you with the required coverage against a variety of risks and threats to your business. This way, you do not risk losing your business to flood or fire damage, or even lawsuits and a host of other unforeseen or unexpected challenges.

In many cases, it is also a necessary legal requirement or at the very least mandatory to have insurance coverage for certain trades and businesses. Moreover, your business growth and investor or customer confidence also increase immensely, if your products and services are insured. This is how our comprehensive policies can contribute to profitability in the long term while safeguarding your business against all potential threats.

Types of Commercial Insurances

There are various types of insurance plans available according to your requirements, the nature of your business and its category. It is vital to choose the right plan that offers the best coverage. You should also pay special attention to the exclusions to avoid any misunderstandings later on. As insurance and its salient features may not be your expertise, it is better to have a detailed discussion with our insurance brokers and have them provide you with the best options for your needs.

These are some of the common and required categories of small businesses insurances we can help you with:

  • Product liability insurance: With this insurance, you can protect your business against any claims of injury, death or loss of property by a third party due to a faulty product or service. This can be a product you stock, assemble, produce, sell, import or export. However, this does not cover any injury or loss to you or your workers.

  • Commercial building insurance: Commercial property insurance protects your premises against any threat and provides you with the cost of repairs for damages caused by fire, flood, storm, theft, vandalism, etc. Business building insurance is a must-have insurance for all business enterprises as the office, warehouse or factory building is a huge capital investment that needs to be protected.

  • Professional indemnity insurance: This policy helps you if any customer suffers a financial loss by acting on your professional advice. Such a client can go to court and get an award against you for financial damages. In such cases, this policy provides you with adequate coverage. This is also a required policy for the membership of various trade bodies and for a licence to practise several trades.

  • Public liability insurance: The business public liability insurance protects your business against any claims by a member of the public, visitor or customer who suffers an injury at your premises. The PL insurance policy, however, does not cover any employee of the company.

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There are various other categories of insurance plans for small businesses that you can consider. These provide you with the required coverage in different areas of operations and conduct of your business, such as:

  • Business liability

  • Personal Insurance

  • Management liability

  • Life insurance

  • Commercial motor or commercial vehicle insurance

  • Personal indemnity insurance

Are you confused about which category of insurance is relevant for you and what are their features? Our brokers and consultants can help you understand the features of every policy to help you make an informed choice. With our help, your business will continue to flourish and stay protected.

Competitive Premiums for Small business Insurance in Blackburn

For every business, small or big, the premium is often a deciding factor when selecting an insurance plan or provider. However, it is equally important that you select a policy that offers maximum coverage. Always go for an insurance provider that has a good track record in supporting business and its policyholders in claim settlement. This goes a long way in the prevention of hassle when you have to lodge a claim.

Many factors impact the Australian public liability insurance cost, product liability insurance cost, or the cost of any other policy. The factors include your plan, service provider, the insurance company you select and the negotiating ability of your insurance broker or consultant. As a small business owner, you may lack the required time, domain knowledge or expertise to successfully negotiate with an insurance company.

This is why CP Insurance Services provides comprehensive insurance solutions at the most competitive premiums. Our brokers ensure that you have access to plans that are pocket-friendly but offer maximum coverage. Every aspect of your business will be insured and safeguarded from all kinds of potential risks.

Get Premium Small Business Insurance Policies at CP Insurance Services

If you are looking to protect your small business from third-party claims or accidents, CP Insurance Services is the ideal choice. We are your one-stop shop for all commercial insurance in Blackburn. Our team is highly-skilled and experienced in providing the best insurance policies for all types of businesses.

We work with brokers who are licensed and have several years of experience in helping small businesses with their insurance needs. Our team works for your benefit and provides insurance plans based on your unique requirements. As no two businesses and their requirements are alike, we first understand your needs and then suggest matching policies.

Here are the various advantages of choosing CP Insurance Services as your insurance services broker and advisor:

  • Wide range of insurance plans

  • Top insurance companies

  • Competitive premiums

  • Maximum coverage

  • Easy and no-hassle process

  • Knowledgeable and licensed brokers

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Honest advise

  • Claims lodging assistance

For queries, appointments or a discussion with one of our top insurance brokers, call us today on 1300 884 698 or contact us through our easy-to-fill online form on our website.