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Public liability insurance is a key commercial insurance that you require if you run any business in Australia. It covers and protects your business against any claims of injury, death or loss of property by a third party when visiting your premises, or using your services. The injury, death or loss of property may be claimed due to faulty services or negligence on part of your businesses. To handle such claims, you need good PL insurance.

CP Insurance Services is a trusted insurance broker in Forest Hill that helps you secure your business with a reliable insurance plan. The public liability insurance plans we provide will cover the cost of an award to the claimant against your business by a competent court. It also covers the legal cost that you incur while contesting the claim. This insurance cover is also mandatory for businesses that require trade licences. If you own any business premises that are visited by customers and visitors, you must obtain insurance cover of public liability. This helps to protect your enterprise against possible lawsuits. With a proper insurance plan in place, you can secure your business against any future risks and instead concentrate on its strategic growth and development.

Product Liability Insurance Coverage

Another important commercial insurance coverage that most businesses operating in Australia need is product liability insurance. This safeguards your business against any claims of injury, death or loss of property to a third party by using your product. The definition of “product” here includes items that you manufacture, store, sell, import, export or that is labelled on your behalf.

Business product liability insurance covers the cost of all damages payable to the third party in case of an adverse judgement and the legal fees you incur. It may also include the cost of PR that will be required to fight the negative publicity that such claims and awards may generate. However, this coverage also has some exclusions and does not cover:

  • Damage to your own premises
  • Wilful negligence

  • Faulty workmanship

  • Injury or loss to you or your employees

  • Failure to meet your contractual liabilities

For a detailed list of exclusions, you may check the insurer’s website, or policy document or consult with your insurance broker.

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Get the Best Business Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance in Forest Hill

Are you looking for public liability insurance or product liability insurance in Forest Hill? You may find it an uphill task to find the most suitable one given the number of insurance companies and products in the market. Moreover, you want a plan that offers the best Australian public liability insurance cost or a fair product liability insurance cost, which can be quite challenging to find without professional assistance.

With CP Insurance Services, finding, selecting and getting the best possible commercial insurance coverage, from commercial property insurance to PL insurance is a breeze. Our brokers know the insurance market and every aspect of underwriting inside out. They provide you with personalised service and help you find a plan that is best suited for your individual needs – from commercial vehicle insurance to business building insurance and various other small business insurances. Commercial insurance covers for your business that we can help you with include business liability insurance, personal insurance, management liability insurance, life insurance, commercial motor insurance, commercial building insurance, personal indemnity insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Here is how our insurance policy search, selection, finalisation and coverage process works:

  • You contact us

  • Our team discusses your requirements

  • We research and provide you with a list of options

  • You choose a product and company

  • We negotiate with the insurance company

  • We get you the best deal

  • We help you complete the paperwork

  • You get the desired coverage

We also provide you with post-coverage assistance – be it premium payments, policy renewal, addition or changes to the policy and claims lodging assistance. Our team works for you and not the insurance company; your benefit always comes first.

Benefits of Commercial Insurance for Your Business

Most people understand the real value of insurance when they do not have coverage and have to pay the entire amount from their own pocket. This is why many businesses face huge financial stress when faced with an accident or a lawsuit. This can strain the financial resources of the business and can also make it go bankrupt. Comprehensive business insurance allows you to safeguard against this with tailor-made plans and adequate coverage.

Commercial insurance plans allow for:

  • Risk management

  • Legal costs coverage

  • Medical costs coverage

  • Settlement amount covered

  • Minimised business interruption

  • Reduced chances of financial stress

Why Choose CP Insurance Services for Commercial Insurance in Forest Hill?

CP Insurance Services is the insurance broker of choice for hundreds of small, medium and large businesses in Forest Hill. When it comes to finding the best insurance plans, we do all the legwork and heavy lifting for you. Thanks to our long-term association with all the top insurance companies, we find matching insurance plans with minimum quotes for you. This includes “broker-only” products as well as standalone and comprehensive insurance plans.

With us you get:

  • Wide range of policies

  • Experienced team

  • Licensed brokers

  • Top insurance companies

  • Competitive premiums

  • Fair advice

  • Claims lodgement assistance

Are you ready to get the right insurance coverage for your business in Forest Hill? Call us on 1300 884 698 or fill in the contact form on our website and our team will get in touch with you. Call now!