Get Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover in Box Hill

Getting professional indemnity insurance coverage is important for risk management and safeguarding your businesses against any lawsuits. This type of insurance is essential for any business that provides advice to clients for a fee. Such businesses are vulnerable to lawsuits about any omission, neglect or faulty advice that leads to financial loss to a client.

At CP Insurance Services, we have expert brokers who can advise and help you apply for any professional indemnity insurance plan with the top insurance company of your choice in Box Hill. The indemnity insurance plans we offer not only cover your business but your employees as well. This includes any work-related activity they undertake as part of their duties.

Indemnity insurance plans generally cover both the cost of settlement and the legal fees. Given the complexity of the case and the specialised legal representation that you may require, the legal cost alone can run into hundreds of dollars. This is where our services come in handy.

These are some of the professions or businesses that require a professional indemnity insurance plan:

  • Accountants

  • Agronomist

  • Agricultural consultants

  • Architects

  • Engineering consultants

  • Building energy consultants

  • Insurance agents

  • Real estate agents

  • BAS agents

  • Bookkeeping professionals

  • Risk management professionals

  • Travel agents

  • Veterinarians

  • Safety consultants

  • HR professionals

  • Interior designers

  • Loss assessors professionals

  • Loss adjusters

  • Management consultants

  • Marketing media professionals

  • Publishing industry professionals

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Benefits of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

PL insurance is quite similar to an indemnity insurance cover. It covers any injury to a third party or visitor to your business premises due to negligence. While they each address different aspects, the core principle is the same – protect the business against any sort of risks and liabilities. The benefits of getting comprehensive business public liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance are identical and include:

  • Risk coverage

  • Cost of litigation

  • Coverage of settlement amount

  • PR costs

  • Less financial stress

Choose the Commercial Insurances for Your Specific Needs

Establishing and running a successful business demands hard work, grit, determination and financial acumen. This involves securing your business against various threats and risks with a range of commercial insurances. The right cover ensures business continuity even after any challenging accidents or incidents. Every business, small or big can protect itself against these risks with adequate coverage.

These are some of the important insurance plans CP Insurance Services can provide you with, as standalone or package policies:

  • Product liability insurance: The policy covers your business against any defective product that causes injury, death or loss of property to a third party. This means any product that you produce, assemble, import, export, stock or sell. It also includes products that are labelled on your behalf.

  • Commercial building insurance: A commercial property insurance policy secures your building against various threats such as:

      • Fire
      • Storm
      • Flood
      • Theft
      • Vandalism

    …and many more.

    The business building insurance covers the building and its content besides providing coverage for building repairs, reconstruction or replacement of stock in case of a mishap. For a complete list of items covered and terms and conditions, you should check the policy document or consult your broker.

  • Commercial vehicle insurance: For any business, vehicles are an important asset that needs to be secured against accidents, thefts and other risks. With a commercial motor plan, you can insure your vehicles like utes, trucks, caravans, and vans. Based on your requirement you can take a single-vehicle policy or a package policy for the entire fleet.

Some other commercial insurances that you can select for your business are:

  • Business Liability

  • Personal Insurance

  • Management Liability

  • Life Insurance

What Is the Cost of a Small Business Insurance Plan?

Are you worried about the insurance cost for your small business? While the Australian public liability insurance cost or the product liability insurance cost may seem expensive, it is an investment that pays itself over the years. The same is true of all varieties of commercial insurance policies that you select for your businesses.

That being said, CP Insurance Services understands that many smaller businesses operate under a strict budget and cannot afford plans with higher premiums. That is why our insurance brokers will discuss your requirements and budget constraints first before recommending policies. We will also design tailor-made insurance plans for you and negotiate the best deal with the insurance company.

As a commercial insurance expert, we recommend including the premium or cost of commercial insurance as an integral part of yearly expenditure for the security and growth of your business. The absence of the same can have disastrous consequences for your business.

Why Choose Us for Insurance Services in Box Hill?

With numerous websites and a wealth of information available online, buying insurance policies seems to be easier than ever before. However, information overload can also be confusing and intimidating for business owners. You need to understand which policy you need for your business, find the right or matching policy and the best deal with an insurance provider.

CP Insurance Services helps you save several days and weeks of searching by finding you the insurance you need with a fair premium. We work with all the top insurance companies and have access to a database of hundreds of policies and plans. Let our experienced insurance brokers find the best plans for you once they know your requirements.

We explain all the features of every policy, including the premium and coverage to help you make an informed decision. As part of our service commitment and insurance services, the client and their benefits always come first. As a licensed insurance broker, we disclose all aspects of the insurance policy upfront with no hidden features or clauses.

With our services, you get:

  • Wide range of policies

  • Competitive premiums

  • Maximum coverage

  • Top insurance companies

  • Quick processing

  • Claims lodging assistance

To get started, call us on 1300 884 698 or fill out our online form and our team will get in touch with you. Do not delay getting insurance coverage for your business any longer. Call now!