We all despise bills, especially when those bills and invoices increase to a point where managing those bills becomes a full time task.

Insurance invoices, often becomes just another one of those bills. However many business owners struggle to find time to accurately review their insurance coverage and ensure their insurance coverage continues to be accurate.

The risk being, that if the levels of insurance are inadequate, claim payments can be affected or declined.

Then, add to the annual business insurance policy, other policies such as motor vehicle insurances, house insurance, commercial property insurances, liability insurances… The pile of paperwork for a business owner to work through very easily piles up.

As a result, Business Owners can spend more time reviewing their insurances, than actually running and operating their business.

CP Insurances Services, specialise in helping business owners juggle and manage the insurance requirements for businesses. Therefore removing just one of the many pressures and stresses for business owners.

So what are the benefits of linking all insurances to the one account?

The primary benefit is the convenience and knowledge that all your Insurances are being managed by a dedicated Account Managing Broker.

No need to spend waiting on hold to speak to a call centre to discuss your Insurance, only to have to repeat the last conversation to the next person who answers your call.

Flexibility to create one common due date for all of your insurances or structured so that policies fall due at convenient times throughout the year.

Ability to combine all insurances into one combined monthly instalment payment.

Provides your dedicated Account Managing Broker, greater ability to negotiate with Insurers for more competitive premiums and improved covers that would otherwise not be available.

Gains access to prioritised claims handling from the Insurers.

Access enhanced service levels from Insurers, traditionally reserved for Large Commercial and Corporate Customers.

Accounts can be structured for all businesses operations of all sizes and can additionally be structured to include all Family and Staff Member requirements.

To discover how CP Insurance Services can assist you in managing your Insurances, contact or call us on 1300 884 698.